Why should I use a CMS to operate my website?

Traditional static websites that operate on HTML, CSS, JavaScript (web languages) requires the user to have prior knowledge of it before they can update the site themselves. It is also difficult to update because if you change one page, you have to change the rest of the pages as well for consistency.

However with CMS (Content Management System), it allows you (the non-technical user) to manage the website with relative ease.

Here are some benefits of using a CMS:

  • Easy to update content for the non-technical users
  • Saves money as you can update content without a web designer
  • Manage your website from anywhere
  • Able to update website quickly with one-stop posting
  • You can plan your content and schedule for future publishing
  • Conveniently upload images without another computer software
  • Ability to expand your site as your business grows
  • Allows multiple users
  • Google loves CMS sites

Case Study: how CMS helps Mr Tan