Why should I start operating my retail business online?

Plenty of businesses have switched to selling their products online in this digital age. With a few clicks of the button, your customers will be able to purchase your products at the comfort of their own home. Secure payment is processed by 3rd party gateways like PayPal. All done within minutes.

You would be able to customise your storefront (website) at a much more affordable rate than renovating traditional physical stores. And by not operating a physical store, you have much lower overheads. You can also streamline operations and automate certain tasks such as generation of invoices, delivery schedule, product inventory updates and solve common retail problems.

We offer a complete solution to companies that wish to maintain a professional retail website. You can sell almost anything from A to Z.

Here are some of the many features:

  • Easy to manage and build your content pages with the user-friendly CMS interface
  • Easy for you to add products to your catalogue
  • Marketing tools for you to create discount coupon and bundle products for promotions
  • Generate detailed reports for you to analyze your sales and customers
  • Improve your website with additional functionalities as your business grow
  • User-friendly for your customers to browse and buy products
  • Interactive and better shopping experience for your customers
  • Stress-free secure transactions for you and your customers
  • Compatible with many direct payment processors and expandable to international markets
  • Attract new customers via search through SEO tools within the CMS